Mark your calendars, everyone….October 15 is Global Handwashing Day! It’s coming soon!

In 2001, a group of concerned individuals and like-minded organizations banded together to form the Global Public-Private Partnership for Hand-washing.

It was the culmination of several on-going initiatives, both public and private, of raising awareness in the public to the importance of good hygiene as a major method of disease prevention. These initiatives were a combination of private and public entities pulling together in various campaigns to raise awareness in the public, and eventually developed into a global movement which we know today as the Global Public  – Private Partnership for Hand-washing.

The organization was initiated by the following entities: CDC (Center for Disease Control), AED (Academy for Educational Development), Colgate-Palmolive, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Proctor and Gamble, UNICEF, Unilever, World Bank – WSP (Water & Sanitation Program), USAID – HIP. Their major goals are to foster and support a global culture of hand washing with soap, shine a spotlight on the state of hand washing in every country, and raise awareness about the benefits of hand washing.

For educators and anyone related in child care or in direct contact with youth, the organization has produced various downloadable and printable material to help you spread the word to your students and those under your care and supervision. You can easily find these items at the Global Handwashing Day website.

You may be wondering – what does all of this (hand washing, good hygiene, and all the hype about the global campaign for hand washing) have to do with dialysis, kidney disease, and a manufacturer of dialysis products?

Well, we (the whole DIAEAGLE crew) are dedicated to promoting better health. Our main activity in this goal is of course production of dialysis filters and other related items for the dialysis treatments that those who have the affliction of kidney disease.

But we are of course concerned with promoting better health in general, and one of the most basic forms of good health is by practicing good hygiene.

It is a well-known fact that poor hygiene can cause intestinal and stomach (and other organs) infections – which cause side effects of dehydration and diarrhea, which can eventually lead to kidney failure or injury of the kidneys – to the point where dialysis is needed.

And this is only one aspect of the results that can easily afflict any of us when good hygiene is not practiced.

So – let’s spread the word and help in the campaign to raise awareness on this very basic, simple, yet vitally important aspect of general hygiene.