DIAEAGLE At a Glance

DIAEAGLE At a Glance

Formally known and registered in the commercial registry as South Eagle Co. for Manufacturing Dialysis Filters, DIAEAGLE is a production facility located in the 2nd Industrial City of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Owned and operated by a team of Saudis, it is the first and only of this caliber facility in the middle east region – at which dialyzers (filters for hemodialysis are produced totally in-house.

Incorporating no less than the highest quality medical grade materials for components and one of the top of the line in hollow fiber membranes, the end result is a high quality filter which promises of high possible clearance of toxins from the patient in the lowest possible time period for dialysis session.

With a total area of 10,000m² and the initial production facility occupying approximately 3,000m², a large portion of the facility remains for future expansion of projects yet to come.

The DIAEAGLE project was initiated in May/June 2013 with the essential investment into the project and implementation of the construction of the physical plant facility. After all construction phases were completed and machinery and equipment which was contracted from European suppliers arrived on-site, final installation and calibration phases of the complete production line were completed during the course of 2016, and by August/September 2016, production of the final product was achieved and the facility is now in full production phase.


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