Product Line

We have a general product line of four distinct sizes of dialyzers – each size in both low-flux and high-flux, supporting the reach of our product to fit nearly all needs in the industry.


Quality Standards

Establishing upon all aspects of international quality guidelines, our facility is intent upon releasing nothing less than the highest of quality product for the dialysis patient’s safety and health.


Preparation of Product

We have our own in-house steam sterilization process, as well as packaging line to prepare the final products for distribution to the clients – both domestic as well as overseas.


High Quality Hollow Fiber Membrane

With the essential working portion of the filter being the inner membrane – it is not surprising that the higher the quality of the membrane, so the resulting quality of the filter will be best.

High Quality Dialyzers

Made with only high quality medical grade raw materials for all components, and containing highest quality hollow fiber membranes, the DIAEAGLE dialyzer line is one of the top choices for any dialysis facility in efficient dialysis treatments.


For Enquiries

For enquiries or further information on our products, please kindly contact our sales department. Click the button.