Chairman's Message

With a deep love of my country and fellow citizens (of my beloved Saudi Arabia as well as of the world in general), I vowed from a young age to dedicate my life to improving the health sector and serve with pride to help ensure quality care based upon integrity of service and quality products and equipment.

After completing a degree in Public Health in 1981 from the United States, I returned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to resume my service in the health sector by taking on various positions of administrative roles in the Ministry of Health. Later, and after having served 25 years in the Ministry of Health, my early retirement provided the opportunity for me to expand services in the private sector when I established my own business – South Eagle Construction Co. Ltd.

For a period of more than three decades, South Eagle has honored numerous contracts in both private and public/government sectors – many of which were for the Ministry of Health. By the turn of 2013, South Eagle and I together made the major transformation into manufacturing with the establishment of DIAEAGLE – a company established essentially and registered commercially for the production and distribution of dialysis filters (dialyzers).

It is with this venture that I have begun to realize my dream and vision to support and improve the health sector of my beloved country and serve those in need of quality health care with our products – dialyzers of nothing less than the highest possible quality.

There are many international and well-established giants in this specialized industry of production of dialysis consumables. But the sad fact is that the population of dialysis patients worldwide is growing exponentially each year, and not all of these patients have full access to high quality materials for their life-saving treatment. Therefore, the need for quality dialysis products increases equally.

Our vision is to ensure that highest quality of dialysis products become available to all who need it, and our mission is to ensure such products become available to all worldwide. We aim to realize this goal with our values of quality in operations, quality in materials, and ultimate high quality of product. 

We are proud and honored to be a part of the Saudi Vision 2030 campaign, and we aim to be a compliant and innovative spoke in the success of the process this campaign directs towards.