Administration Team

The DIAEAGLE Philosophy

The essence of the DIAEAGLE philosophy is that of teamwork – where every participant is an equally important spoke in the wheel of a highly intense and complicated machine – each working with intelligence and diligent devotion towards the same main goal – an outcome of higher productivity and increasing quality with each stage of the process.

Chairman's Message

Our esteemed Chairman is pleased to address you with his direct message.

Our Story

The key philosophy of the DIAEAGLE project is to provide no less than highest quality of products for the industry – in order to ensure the best level of treatment possible for the end-user – the patient.

Our operative procedure is built upon the philosophy of team work. We realize that each individual – from the janitors to the office clerks to the production line staff and ultimately to the higher levels of administration – regardless of position or assignment – each is equally important to the smooth operations of the project as a unified entity. All support one another. No task can be completed without the successful and correct implementation of the tasks of the others.

The DIAEAGLE Administrative Team

Experienced professionals in many specialties and having multiple talents, the DIEAGLE Administrative Team is determined to meet every challenge – with quality and dedication as the heartbeat of their work ethics.

Saied Mohammed AlSurf

founder & chairman

With over 40 years of experience in both the Saudi health sector as well as business, backed with his degree in Public Health, Mr. AlSurf has culminated his life-long experience into the realization of his ambition of benefitting the Saudi society in particular and the world at large with this project of a production facility of sensitive medical supplies.


Faris Saied AlSurf

executive manager

Faris has close to fifteen years of experience in Business Administrative roles and the setup and application of manufacturing facilities. His vision, energy and dedication are a major factor for the success of the DIAEAGLE project to rise to the level it has in such a short period from the point of conception to that of actual operation and production.


Mohammed Saied AlSurf


With his background in architectural design, a PhD in Sustainable Development, and official LEEDs certification, Dr. Mohammed brings to the project specific insight and advice concerning aspects of sustainability and productivity. The value he brings to the project in terms of guiding the project towards reaching LEED certification as a Green Production Facility is intended to be an example for other local manufacturers to follow, as well as a local case study for setting new green regulations for the industry.


Eng. Walid Shahrour

operations manager

With a degree in Architectural Engineering and over 15 years of experience in HR management roles and factory setup and operations, Eng. Walid joined the DIAEAGLE team in 2016, and takes on an active role in managing all things related to the operations and daily interactions to create a smooth team-work atmosphere for all. 

Some of his specific duties and actives includes (but is not limited to) – overseeing HR operations, initiating and keeping contact with clients, suppliers and other related entities, formulation of production policies and initiating plans with definitive targets, and more. 

Eng. Yasser Moustafa

production manager

With his formal training and education in Chemistry, Eng. Yasser Moustafa joins the DIAEAGLE team after more than 15 years of experience in management of similar caliber production lines of the same product and specialty, to help guide DIAEAGLE towards becoming a highly competitive producer on the world stage.

The capacity of his position, in addition to setting up and implementing production schedules and monitoring all raw supplies and materials,  is directly managing all aspects of the actual production process, including in-process quality control procedures and establishing and monitoring tracking programs for each step of the production. 

Dr. Ahmed Hassaneen

qa/qc manager

With his undergraduate studies in pharmaceuticals, Dr. Ahmed specialized his post graduate studies in Quality Management, and has worked previously in the field of Quality Management. His experience and insight into all things related to the Quality aspect are an integral addition to the project of DIAEAGLE. 

Dr. Ahmed is directly involved with and oversees all aspects of the in-house laboratory and in-house quality monitoring and testing of the products at all stages, in addition to ensuring that the facility and all workers are up to date on international quality standards. He is the designated liaison representing  the company with  international bodies for certification of the factory.

Eng. Yazeed Ilawi

IT administrator

Eng. Yazeed has been with the South Eagle team since 2008, and joined in on the DIAEAGLE project since 2015, while it was still in the early formative stage. He supports this project with his knowledge and experience for all things related to IT and the setup, operations and maintenance of all digital and IT systems. 

Some of his projects have been setting up internal servers, connections of all internal networks, setting up security systems, and all other IT related activities and processes.