Who We Are

DIAEAGLE is a Saudi-owned and operated company, based in 2nd Industrial City, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As of mid-2018, it’s current main activity is the production and distribution of dialyzers (dialysis filters). View the video below for an overall introduction to better understand who we are and what we do. 

The DIAEAGLE Advantage

Driven by integrity and concern for quality in preference to cost or quantity – our concern is the ultimate end-user – the patient – and not only how our products perform, but to what extent they enhance the lives of the patients.

Mission Statement

While our immediate goal is to provide high quality dialysis products, our ultimate goal is to develop and improve on the products to afford for the patient higher clearance of toxins, involving less time and discomfort through the process of the dialysis procedure. It is our mission to ensure that these high quality products are available to the international market as well as domestic.

Our Values

Nothing less than top quality in all aspects – the working environment, procedures, machinery and equipment, supplies and raw materials and more – to provide nothing less than top quality in products and services. Ethical business methods is our basic standard – and we are keen to impement all international quality provisions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that highest quality renal products and care are available worldwide for those that are in need of it.